Uber Boost

Golfer Lou

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I drove last night for 3 hrs and only did 3 Uber rides. It wasn't very busy in the bonus area but at least they were all good rides. I did do 2 Lyft rides for $20 so it wasn't a total waste of time. I'm going to try again today at 4pm til 8pm and see how I do.

Uberx Vegas

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Did anyone else get the 1.5x boost till 5 am tomorrow?
Yeah me too I received text about the above. I saw the map too it covers from East tropican to Harmon. Uber also reduced surge time from 12 mins to 2mins....this above started after airport surge pricing started a week ago. if you are not doing $250 or 1.5x there's nothing really up there for you other than Shor trips $3 to $6.i don't mind doing short trips to collect $250.lol.