Uber Bonus No Payout?


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I'm here for general advice on the Uber sign up bonus for lyft drivers. I've talked with CSRs too much to the point that I'm just confused.

My situation is: I signed up for Uber showed them I'm a lyft driver. Got denied because of a bad background check. Whatever. Then I meet a Uber CSR during a Lyft and he gets me approved through a different email (so technically a different account) and I'm in! He says 10 rides $100 25 rides $500.

So that was July 24th I got signed up and completed 25 trips by now and it's been a couple weeks and no bonus?

I've fought with CSRs and resubmitted proof I'm a lyft driver, they say wait but I can't at this point got bills...

Anyone one else wait 4wks for their sign on bonus??