Uber bling

Cliff Loehr

New Member
So, I've tried mints, water, in-car Wi-Fi, lighted Uber sign, psychedelic lights (now removed)... I know someone who installed a blue-tooth speaker with built disco lights and another driver with blue lights below and inside his car.

After 1.5 years, and my 2nd Uber vehicle, I now believe piratical stuff is far better than flashy bling. To be honest, the best way to 5 stars is:

1. A car that looks AND smells clean... do not fart in your car!
2. Drive safe (Use blinkers, make full stop, and be a defensive driver)
3. Be a good conversationalist but NEVER talk about politics, guns, or religion!

The only things I consider as good add-ins include a why for riders to charge their phones and an easy way for them to DJ music (optional). Last week I added a "TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver" (from amazon) which riders can connect to without a password or with a single tap on the included NFC tag. It is hidden in the console and I do not need to press any buttons for riders to take over the music.

I believe people only take the time to rate you if they loved or hated the ride.... the middle of the road trips seem to go unrated. Not knowing anyone else's numbers, 65% of my 1596 trips have been rated - I suspect that is high.

I currently have 990 5 star trips and sit at 4.94 stars :-( last month it was 4.95 ) with 46 badges, 54 Notes, and have only had 1 negative review (which has now rolled off my history). Not trying to brag - I know drivers who have higher numbers and scores. But I am interested in what other drivers have added to this vehicles and if you think it has helped your rating.