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How is the market for Uber Black in Nashville? Is it more worthwhile to get into that, vs just normal uber x/select?
My research shows it is, but personal feedback is appreciated.

I've already shopped cars for it, it's in my realm of possibility.
I already have driver for hire on my license, and generally understand everything else needed. However I do have a few misunderstandings for what is needed.

My two biggest misunderstandings are:

LLC or Sole Proprietary? Can either work or must it be an LLC?

MTLC and OVPH, I'm confused to exactly what they are. Are they proceedings for defining things, or things I need to apply for? Maybe I'm just searching the wrong thing, but I keep coming across documents explaining terminology and how things are supposed to work.

I believe OVPH Driver Application is what is referring to on the Uber Website for OVPH, and MTLC is just the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission.
Poor wording on the Uber Website imo. Someone please correct me if I am wrong?

If I am just doing Uber Black for now, on the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, what do I list for item #5? "Classification of service to be provided (Livery, Shuttle, Special-Purpose)"

Ultimately, if it's a worthwhile market, I would further expand to a fleet and chauffeur service, which is my main interest. Uber Black has great guidelines imo. So I'd like to maintain that standard and work from that.

Any Uber Black feedback would be appreciated as well. It is a new market and experience for me, so I'm very hungry for knowledge.
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