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Hello, I am new Uber driver and I am completely perplexed. I talked to the uber support about what the minimum necessary insurance is for a Uber black Driver in NJ. They replied the requirements were
Limousine insurance with at least $1.5MM in coverage, with the driver's name on the insurance policy
Plates: New Jersey Limousine plates that meet UberBLACK criteria. with that information I contacted several insurance agencies such as Farmers insurance, Progressive, etc and I have been told that they 1)do not offer it or 2) that it is unnecessary and to expensive. I'm hoping someone who drives Uber in Nj can provide me with some insight.


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What do you drive?

Honestly? Black is dead.

You have to do what Mike did. Go big or go home. Get a SUV. So you can do all calls if needed or get something like MKT to so x, XL, and Black.

Please do not get a MB E-class to do Uber Black. please don't.


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Black is wack in NJ. I mean, there is an abundance (to say the least) of Suburbans and Escalades all over the state. They just sit there waiting and waiting and waiting for a ping that sometimes never comes.
If it comes, it just might be another SUV pinging you to get you offline for 4 minutes.
The only smart way to do it is if you have private clients as your main source of income and only go online in between your clients.
As was said before, if you're asking about NJ Limo (OL) plates, you're not getting OL plates. Just read the link jerseyboys posted.
NYC TLC is doable and you can pick up in NJ, but it's still complicated, expensive and ultra competitive.
If black/SUV is REALLY what you want to do, maybe try Empire CLS, Flute Tyme, DavEl or one of those is looking for a chauffeur or something.


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Knb insurance. I have used Karen for many years with my fleet of black car sedans

Be prepared to spend 550 to 600 on a new policy per month per vehicle