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UBER BAS Tax summary for March 2018


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When is Uber going to produce a tax summary for March 2018? The 30th of April is looming - next Monday!! We have to do our BAS statements by the end of the month for Jan to March.

Has Uber communicated anything about this at all?


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mine was up today when i did it.... now I don't know if i paid it correctly, but that's the governments problem


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I got this response twice in the span of 2 weeks apart


Hi Jhun,

We understand this may be upsetting for you. Please know, we are aware of this issue and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding

Please bombard them with complaints through the help section

Go to you app Account-> Help -> Account and Payment -> Taxes -> I have another tax question -> Tick Question about tax Summary / Payment Statement -> type in your complaint and Click Submit
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Strange lack of response to this issue. Is it really acceptable for the main work provider (Uber) for Rideshare not to produce an essential document to complete the Quarterly BAS statement before a deadline? I think not!

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