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Uber AXA insurence SCAM SCAM

Discussion in 'Manchester, UK' started by Mohammad Ejaz, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. i was nvolved in a accident while I had a fare in my cab so I claimed through the Uber axa insurence for my lost of earning and injury, I thought this will be the starlight forward but I think this is SCAM
    I phone AXA about ten times for the payment,every time I phone AXA they said I should receive my payment by next week but it’s been three weeks now every weeek today or tomorrow.Last week I asked them to give me in writing about this which they did and I should have received me by now but today I received the email from them and asking me for my name address and GENDER ETC. I’ve already provide this information tomAXA about three four week ago when I phone AXA they said bank is asking for this information.This is biggest Joke that bank asking about the GENDER before they can transfer money into my account. And when I phone Uber support for this issue they said we have nothing to do this Uber is just a app which connect passenger to driver.my question is why Uber do the false advertisement about driver care and safety.I think Uber told the London court about they r providing this insurance because they care about the driver.
  2. R.M.Ahmad


    Come on, cool it down. They agreed to pay, that is the important poin and means you will get paid, if not today, tomorrow.
  3. mods1964


    Male driver makes claim for injury,, but female driving at the time of collision, !
  4. Lol
    Thanks for your reply.
    I m still waiting for AXA to reply to me.
    See how long they will take.
  5. Hazaristan


    Sounds awful, brother! Please keep us updated
  6. Just say I
    don't want to disclose my gender.
  7. Who is John Galt?

    Who is John Galt? Author

    ADL - in the car

    OK, I don't want to disclose my gender. :D


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