Uber auto turns on X/Pool when you drop off in LI/West/CT

drove someone to Westchester and someone to CT yesterday.

I do black and SUV only. When you get to your destination or even when you drive into any of the regions Uber now automatically selects X/Pool for you to pickup.

So I thought I'd share with y'all so that you can make sure to deselect at a red light (or go offline if you don't have passenger)
Not saying that.

When I dropped off in westchester I saw they turned on my X. Picked someone up in westchester to JFK.

Later night I drove someone to CT same thing. And when I came back empty when I got into westchester it did it again anyway


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It changes because they are assuming you will take anything on a return trip. Be careful because when you return to NYC you will still be on "all calls"
You can change it during the ride once you enter the Westchester county or any other county (while moving restriction is lifted outside of NYC)
I have had this problem too droppin off in Yonkers, but I quickly changed it to Premium and got a ride back.
But once i got back into the city with the premium ride, it switched me back to Pool/X. So i had to change it while I had the passanger.
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