Uber attacked over pattern of ignoring police and victims before London ban


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Latest bit of [email protected]%%^ to surface about Uber:

When Uber refused to comply with a warrant in a California sexual assault case, police, prosecutors and the judge were all bewildered.

Lt Brian South told the Guardian that in more than 15 years on the job, he had never seen anyone so brazenly defy a judge’s order for records. A prosecutor testified that Uber was actively preventing law enforcement from protecting riders from violence, and a judge attacked the ride-share corporation for a “horrific” pattern of ignoring police, describing its typical response as “give as little as possible, be as uncooperative as possible”.

The judge’s forceful rebuke – in a criminal case where a driver was accused of restraining and attacking a female passenger – is one of many allegations across the globe of Uber neglecting the safety of riders and drivers by failing to work with law enforcement and ignoring standard regulations. Last week, Uber lost its license in London in part due to the government’s concernsabout the company’s failure to report sexual assaults to police.

Full article here...https://www.theguardian.com/technol...don-ban-sexual-assault-california-case-police


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It doesn't surprise me.
We should get the TSC regulate any serious complaints by both tiders and drivers
I was threatened a few times and thanked for informing them. Never heard any more follow up