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Uber ATM Cash for Tip Scam

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Dan2miletripguy, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Ubercartel


    That's crazy, the nerve of some people. A complete stranger, why not ask a friend?! Sheesh Anyway, if you send me $100 to cover the shipping, I'll send you the information on that guy so you can report it to the authorities.
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  2. Are you guys serious? I mean really!? Like why would I even believe such a stupid story? I would never give the passenger money! I will tell them you better get out of my car!
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  3. A lot of drivers do and that how these riders make loads of $$. They just ride around in cars all day scamming drivers daily. If they didn't make significant $$ more then actually driving themselves they wouldn't do the scam.

    They might strike out every other driver or every 3rd driver but will always get one greedy driver that thinks all his prays been answered for some quick $$ only to realize his "tip" never come and the scammer laughing his a$$ off around the corner.

    These and other similar scams... All you got to remember is that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. A lot of tourist that goes oversea get scammed trying to help someone out. I love the iphone scam. A fellow tourist "which isn't really a tourist but a local pretending to be one." Approaches you and ask you if you can help him out? He has lost his wallet so he has no money to fly back to his home country.

    He pulls out his fresh almost brand new iphone with all the spec and give you to look at and it the real deal. Since his giving you the real phone to look at until you agree as you either go to an atm or pull out ur wallet to give him $500-800 dollars thinking you got yourself a brand new $1000 iphone that you can either keep or sell relatively easily.

    You give him the cash he gives you the phone which he has in an instant with his/her slide of hand as you were giving him/her the cash he switches to a fake iphone which is worthless and when you look at it more closely he/she has vanished. Theirs that scams and theirs a million more like it by highly skilled conman/woman.
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  4. jfinks


    This cash for tip thing was tried on me a few months ago. Sounded fishy so I just took her to destination and dropped off.

    Another variation that happened last week is a guy hopped in Lyft and asked if I could go to Taco Bell and buy us both food and he would tip the amount. On the way to drop him off I had already accepted an Uber ride so used that as an excuse that I couldn't I had already just eaten also. I don't ever like stopping for food for riders, but will do it occasionally as long as the line isn't long.
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  5. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    It hasn't happened to me in a while. But used to get it all the time.

    A symptom is usually they want to book you for 4 hours driving around

    More frequently on Lyft
  6. goneubering


    LA/Orange Counties
    Thx for the warning.
  7. Christinebitg


    Can a rider change the amount of in-app tip later? Like the way they can change the rating?

    Just wondering, since it seems relevant to this thread.
  8. Don't have cash? We'll drive you to an atm!
    Don't forget to get extra cash for doing this "favor"!
  9. El Jefe de Hialeah

    El Jefe de Hialeah

    En Calle Ocho
    Any idiot that falls for something so obviously stupid, deserves to be screwed.
    No Vaseline, No Lube, Raw!!!
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  10. KenLV


    Las Vegas
    People who drive for Uber/Lyft shouldn't throw stones.
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  11. Never pickup in the hood, rule #1 for Uber and Lyft driver’s, leave those pax tp taxis.
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  12. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

    See avatar
    As soon as you hear that, you know that there is going to be trouble.

    These days, when they start like that, I tell them "I am working. I do not do "favours" for ANYONE while I am working. I get PAID when I am working. My job is to drive you from here to there and that is it. Anything extra has two requirements: cash up front and I must be willing to do it. Oh, and neither is a matter for discussion, debate, haggling or bargaining." The person who wanted the "favour" always has disembarked after that speech. Sometimes, there is muttering, but I do not care. Go away mad, go away glad, go away sad but go the hell away!

    That one used to work for me, as well. I will still use it from time to time instead of my usual. "Do you think that I would be driving this hoopty if I had THAT kind of money?"

    I have PIN numbers on only TWO of my credit cards. I can not get cash with the others.

    I have used that one. If I am driving the cab, I simply substitute "this cab" for Uber. I have yet to try this one, though: "Did you not understand that you just hailed a CAB? I do not have any money, Uber took all of my customers. Maybe you should summon an Uber car and ask THAT driver".

    I shall HAVE to try that one.

    I have gotten this one, as well. They berate you for not having a card or having a zeroed out balance, but think that there is nothing wrong with their having that same zeroed out balance. I ask those people if they think that they are the only one with a zeroed out balance. There are far too many terminally unique people in this world.

    Consider yourself fortunate. When someone DOES try this on you, you will recognise it and know what to do.

    The guy who trained me in hacking told me that RULE NUMBER ONE is "You never, ever, ever BUT NEVER take money out of your pocket for a passenger unless it is to make change."

    I forget who the comedian was who told this story:

    "I laugh at all these guys who go through all this BS to try to get a woman to go home with them. They talk a lot of BS, they spend a lot of money and wind up going home alone. Me, I just walk up to them and tell them straight up what I want. I was telling this to this guy the other day and he said 'I bet you get slapped a lot'. I told him, yeah, I do, but I also get a lot of good [diminutive for "cat"]" (I suppose now, that some Me-too-er here will caterwaul about this one)

    The reason that people in the "hood" are using the TNCs is that the cabs would not go there.
  13. AlasKador


    My response to that.....
    Sure go ahead man. Ask away. Ask as many favors as you want.
    Just don't have any realistic expectations that I will grant any of them.
    I will guarantee you one thing though,, It'll be one interesting post at UberPeople forum...
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  14. Christinebitg


    I am reminded of what happens a lot with my Significant Other, who is a trial lawyer.

    "All we know is that he says he does. We don't know whether he does or not, just that he says so."

  15. Les in Jax

    Les in Jax

    Jacksonville Florida
    Scam was tried on me. I told passenger to get out.
  16. That good mate. The scam been around since they introduced tips.
  17. Oscar Levant

    Oscar Levant

    I know I'm not particular smart but if some dude asked me for a couple of bucks with a story like that I'd kick him out of my car really I mean it's obvious it's a scam.

    Think about it who doesn't have a friend or two they can loan him a hundred bucks and if you don't have that then you're a low-life and I don't want to talk to you anyway.

    I had a kid walk up in my car and it's some kind of badge on like he belongs to some organization and he was trying to sell me candy and I said okay how much he wanted twenty bucks for a big candy bar. I told him he was crazy I can buy the same candy bar for two bucks and he said well it's for charity. really? since when do Charities over price candy bars I've never heard of that. Obviously the kid was scamming me

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