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Uber ATM Cash for Tip Scam

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Dan2miletripguy, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. ce@ttle


    Tipping during the trip. Have the customer reorder as an XL and change the destination to the casino 45 minutes up the road. Watch him tip you $300. Cash out at the end of the trip and put the $100 on "12" at the craps table. $3000 guaranteed.
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  2. That's rather devious. I love it.

    Did he tell you how you could make a quick bajillion dollars by giving him your account number, the names, birthdates, and ssn's of all of your chillrens?

    'Cause, you know, Uber drivers are desperate for cash.
  3. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Yeah I gave him all that information. Is there a problem?
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  4. None bro. None at all. You should see a very large deposit shortly. :D
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  5. Rakos


    Tampa Bay

    WHY do you think...

    they are rideshare drivers...8>O...???

    Copy of funny-animals-animation-20-cool-hd-wallpaper.jpg
  6. Haven't had it happen but I would just laugh and ask them why they think I Uber, because I am wealthy?
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  7. “I make $50 and shut off the app. That’s my booze money for the night”

    In the rare instances this has happened this was my response and watching them squirm as they realize I MIGHT be a bigger degenerate than they are is quite pleasing...
  8. reg barclay

    reg barclay Moderator

    rockland/westchester NY, new jersey
    Maybe that's my long lost relative who emailed me last week. If you see him again, tell him I emailed him my bank details but I'm still waiting for the $10k deposit he promised me. Someone emptied out my bank account, so I could really use that money right now.
  9. No sense wasting time with a loser.

    Do I have "idiot" stamped on my forehead? Take your scam elsewhere.

    Just say "no.." You can be civil, even polite. Next step is to tell them you need to get moving - so they need to get out of the car.

    They won't leave, insist. Next decision is whether you get out, do you wait for the cops, or do you drive to the police station.

    They threaten or attack, all bets are off. Forget all the Hollywood silliness - your 5th Dan belt is useless while strapped into a car or maneuvering in traffic.

    There IS a place in life for firearms. Preferably a compact revolver that won't eject hot brass into your face. Preferably in a reasonable caliber. As usual, you oou only get to take a life to save a life. Here's where you really need a dash cam and CCW insurance.

    You'd think the corporate idiots would admit this. THEY hide behind security - yet it was only a few months back when they were hiding under their desks, wishing they could shoot back.
  10. Excellent way to escalate a situation all the way to the point you get yourself killed. Well done.
  11. I did say "THEY attack."

    How am I 'escalating?' They act, it is they who are escalating.

    What do you propose at that point?
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  12. I'd break open my center console and ask if pennies are ok and start counting them.
  13. See my earlier post in the thread. Misinformation/misdirection so they don't act.
  14. And that, sadly, is the truth.

    :eek: You had a Nigerian prince in your car? You should have slapped him around for all the emails he sent me over the years!
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  15. I’ve had this happen, crowded bar area, guy jumps in says I’m going to 7/11 and can you bring me back I just need cigs... ok so it slow, sure it’s a surge ride. As we head there he says the same bs...

    He’s broke needs cash, “ I can tip you twenty for a twenty”
    I started laughing... “dude no one tips uber drivers cash... what makes you think I have cash?”

    He says “well don’t you have a bank card?” ...

    I laughed again and said “don’t you?”
    He was getting pissy, you don’t even have $20. (Like I’m the loser here)

    Again I said “seems like we’re in the same boat you don’t have a 20 either” all the while still driving towards his destination.. finally he gets it... I’m not falling for this bs.. he says take me back end the ride now.. I told him I can’t end it until he gets out, I turn around take him back, he gets out I drive around a little bit longer then end the trip, call uber and report him.. telling them how I felt threatened because he kept trying to get cash from me and I didn’t have it... I got paid he got reported... I saw him again later that evening same area... boy did he look pissed, I hope he was deactivated for threatening behavior but who knows with uber...
  16. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    I wasn’t aware that he was offering other Uber Drivers the same opportunity. Although he did say that he knows Emdeplan and has partied with her at his palace a few times.
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  17. Wait, you didn't respond with your criticals? Brah that's like ten katrillion dollars in interest alone you've lost out on.

    Makes me laugh-wheeze for some reason.
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  18. :D

  19. KenLV


    Las Vegas
    I wouldn't say never.

    More often than not there's no tip, sure, but hardly "never".

    Like everything though, there are exceptions...

    Just this weekend I got $10 on a $5 3rd party ride - 5* female account holder giving ride to brother, she texted in app his name and description and where she told him to go.

    Clearly, an experienced good rider.

    Still, I'll admit, I was shocked to get the tip. LOL

    Got a $5 on a $7 3rd party ride this week as well.

    Usually, when I do get a tip on a 3rd party ride, it's cash from the actual pax who got a free ride - on a couple of occasions I've actually gotten tipped in cash and in app!:greedy:
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  20. I cede the point, and yet oddly enough insist on doubling down with the following:

    $hit don't happen often. I'll bet the incidence is far closer to never than frequently, regularly, or even occasionally, mayhap few and very far between though.

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