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How many people are doing Uber Assist? I signed up and received several calls when it first came out. I rarely ever get on now. I did one on Friday night- the rider was a visually impaired and needed help being walked to the car but was a very smart and pleasant young man.

The ride went very smooth no complaints. Upon reviewing the fares at the end of the evening, I noted that the Uber commission was 25 % the same as Uber X- I was of the belief that Uber assist Uber commission was 15 %- which was the incentive to enter into receiving Uber Asssit because the extra time and care you must take for these pax- I complained to help and they have said the Uber rate is 25 %.

The ride went smooth but I did have to go a fair distance to pick up this PAX as it was much further to go- I was downtown during rush hour and I had to fight traffic to pick up this passenger- I'm happy to help the Uber Assist customers but I'm confused why the rate is 25 %?

Can anyone shed any light on this? Its not a big amount of money and I'm glad UBER assist exists, as I can tell this service makes a big difference in his life- it completely gives this young man opportunities to visit friend and to places like bars to meet other people, rather than being stuck at home, But I think Uber should honour its original rate as a point of principle? Or am I missing something?


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Uber will give you the 10% difference in your pay statement under adjustments. Just wait for it, it will be adjusted.