Uber App Text/Call OUTSIDE of App?!?!?!


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Better advice .get phone nr with 30$ months prepay plan special for Uber. Then problem fixed you answer at that nr only when you work ..prepay nr are not related to any of your information ...simple mobile sin card are 1$ on eBay
Thanks for the advice but I already have it handled And have so for a few years.
Be smart if you have so much attraction .build your own business and give private rides when they need for long cash rides ...I know many people who build up their business requested by customers if they do private rides .. once I had client went to Yatacha from Brooklyn and pay me 750$ for one day in cash ..
Yeah, I don't know if that would be considered smart but you do you . First of all With female drivers, lot of times, there's an ulterior motive. Second of all, as a female overnight driver, I'm not doing anything off GPS with a stranger or without proper insurance coverage. Different perspectives of being smart for different people, I guess. You do you boo. I'll do me.😁
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