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Uber announces "TRIP UGRADE" for drivers... 10/16

Discussion in 'Notifications' started by Michael - Cleveland, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator Moderator

    Great Lakes

    Drivers here have reported that the system appears to work very well - upgrading an en-route trip to a closer pick-up - and in at least one, case so far, a higher surge.

    Some drives have reported they may have seen a 'decline' button on the screen when the trip was upgraded - but other reports have indicated that there is no way to decline a trip upgrade yet.

    In any case, this feature is another game-changer as it makes it more likely a driver will accept a ride request from further away, knowing that there is at least a chance they may get upgraded to a closer pick-up.
  2. crazy916

    crazy916 Well-Known Member

    Other driver have reported lower surge rates as well as longer pickup times due to the request being closer as the birds fly. This has some drivers angry and feeling like Uber is in too much control over the rides they accept.
  3. StephenT

    StephenT Member

    San Diego
    San Diego driver.
    Had this happen for the first time I was aware of - and not liking it one bit!
    This morning got a PAX request. Great, exit highway and head east using Waze (android phone).
    Went about 1/4 mile and stopped for a light; noticed the Uber Driver app button wasn't displayed.
    Weird right? Toggled back to the app from Waze and saw I was now supposed to pick up a different PAX in the other direction.
    Argh! Ok, hit Navigate again, Waze opens and I see where I was 3 minutes from first PAX, I am now 4 minutes from My upgraded pickup - probably because I didn't know I should have gone West versus East as I was still en-route to the first.
    As I begin to circle the block and prepare to head west, yup, matched with [yet] another rider that was "closer".
    Only of course I am now headed West and she is ..... god dammit, east. 5 minute drive to reach her.
    As far as PAX reports, I was the only driver assigned.

    So congrats, uber managed to screw me over and reduce my profitability by having me drive in circles.
    Yes I am angry and upset over uber having the control over the rides and not the driver. No way to assess the PAX rating, trip type, etc - let alone the destination or length (total fare).
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