Uber and Lyft continue rapid growth in NYC despite regulations


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They’re suing New York over what they say are unfair regulations, but car-hailing giants Uber and Lyft are notching record levels of robust ridership across the five boroughs.
Data obtained Tuesday by the Daily News shows app-based, for-hire vehicles made an average of 720,000 daily trips in February, the same month a new surcharge and driver minimum wage rules went into effect.
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Lyft sued the city in January over its new driver minimum wage rules, arguing they give Uber an unfair advantage and would ultimately mean their own drivers would be paid less. Three weeks later, Uber also sued the city over a rule imposed last August to cap the number of app-based, for-hire cars allowed on the streets.


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This is probably the takeaway the the article. What the world looks like without subsides?

"Lyft spokeswoman Campbell Matthews said the company didn’t discount rides from Feb. 6 to Feb. 8 to highlight the negative impact of the wage rules.
Matthews said the price of rides increased by 24% during that period, while rides dropped by 26% and driver earnings dropped by 15%."

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the number of rides dropped 26% and driver earnings dropped 15%

What did their expenses look like?

If their mileage dropped from 20 Miles per hour to 15 miles per hour and their earnings dropped 15% they are still up.