Uber and Lyft Are Killing Arlington’s Taxi Business


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The article isn't clear whether they are actually losing money -- or simply making less profit than they are used to making.

Many taxi drivers became uber drivers; they didn't go from driving a taxi to being homeless.

The disability service issue is real, or seems so, but the article discusses only the supply not the actual demand.

Another Uber Driver

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WHO has seen any consistent decrease in business? You can read more than one of my posts to topics that complain about slow days which state that I stayed busy. To be sure, I have posted on some of those that it was slow for me in the cab, as well, but the posts about my staying busy outnumber those. Start with that, I can go further.

Now, there are some drivers who have seen a decrease in business, but for most of those, it is due to UberX and Uber Pool low rates that they have suffered. It is not due to what you call "crappy service". I never have worked those markets where price point now rules.

A general statement that all cabs render "crappy service" is a false statement.