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Uber alternatives, The side gig thought

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Jay Dean, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    Would you rather make 15hr (8 hr shift) working a front desk and seeing a whole lot of entitled types that you have to say hello to for an 'hour' of those 8 (and 90% not saying hello back), and deal with some of the most outrageous temper tantrums for what they "can't" have immediately during that hour, or would you rather drive 8 hours of not knowing what could happen any minute? And usually guess that things go at least somewhat smoothly and "could" have fun. Now granted when you take the 8hr shift at desk, you are NOT paying expenses, or putting forth any risk BUT you are a tool. When you drive, you have full freedom to have a good time (in theory) and which I do a lot, BUT at the expense of your vehicle, which in all reality is MUCH higher than I or most calculate.

    General start of the side gig discussion, the pros and cons of each, I gave my example, any other please post.
  2. I’ll take the 8 hour shift(regardless of pay) knowing what my paycheck will be like every other Friday.

    Maybe I’m biased since I’ve been fortunate to have had a 40 hour a week job since I was 18 with no breaks, so this is all I know.

    Didn’t need a side gig until she stopped taking the pill (without telling me).
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  3. Pros of the front desk job:

    -Guaranteed income,

    -No personal risk and liability,

    -A lower probability of death,

    -Not exposed to weather elements,

    -Can take naps and still get paid.

    Cons of the desk job:

    -There is a boss,

    -There is a schedule,

    -Things could get redundant,

    -No sight seeing,

    -No tips.

    I'll take the desk job.
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  4. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    I spent a lot of work getting to the "side gig" scenerio, but I am single and selfish, so that changes the reasons why I am at this question.

    I guess my question is, would you rather drive and put up with WHATEVER, or take the easy route and make a predictable side income, that is not only boring, but pisses you off in a whole other bit of ways you never expected.
  5. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Too many potentially negative events to this side gig and that’s before considering the potential to make less than $15 per hour.
  6. Work 40 hours a week are you crazy!!!
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  7. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    So any side gig is better than Uber correct? At 15hr you should be kissing the gutters according to the options of an Uber driver's actual income correct?
  8. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    Ive had more than one job for all of my adult life. On top of career, I worked 23 seasons as a beer vendor for the Buffalo Sabres. Ive also worked for about a dozen other teams as well during that time too. When I got out sourced on my previous job, I worked for the outsource company for 6 months but even after taking my current position, I still work for the outsource company from time to time.

    Ive always had a strong work ethic....and a wife who likes vacations. A lot of vacations.
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  9. You need to trade your wife in for a sugar momma lol.
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  10. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    I am just comparing UBER vs Side gig! cmon now! whatever investments you have...that complicates my selfish goal lol :)
  11. Fixed it for you

    Side gig?
    No. You're saying side gig but then comparing it to an 8 hour work shift, which to me is a full time job.
    So this is confusing to me.

    I have a full time job so for me Uber is the best side gig. Because I wont apply for a part time job where I'm required to be there at certain times.
    I do Uber because I can do it when I want and if I want (and if the wife lets me)

    So for those reasons Uber is the best side gig.

    Now if you're talking one or the other, then any full time job is better.
  12. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    Tell me about it. I am out there Anting on the weekends, so I can squirrel away my hustle money to upgrade our house....meanwhile, she is planning a summer vacation to Denver.
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  13. Don't forget paid sick days among many other benefits to a desk job.
  14. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    There are a lot of jobs/side gigs that are 8 hour blocks (tops 32hr max to hide from full time) (that free themselves from any insurance obligations etc), at least here...but I am in now new sudo cali.

    The benefit, is you work when you want, or do not.
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  15. Yes but very hard to do with an already full time job, which I'm assuming you would have since you're calling it a "side" gig. So it would be a side to another job right?
    It can be done, but not as easily as Uber.
  16. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    I guess what I am saying or asking is, would driving for UBER in your own car and making 20hr vs working part time at let's say Dominoes be better right off the bat. There really are a lot of options (more so if you have a skillset), I am just trying to figure out if the cons of the REAL side gig is worse then the cons of the UBER gig which we pretty much are already masters at .

    Thinking profit wise in total lol

    I guess the only difference is you would HAVE to commit to 8 hours of work vs whatever it is 4 that drivers do? The comparison is not there to justify the difference in labor and effort. And yeah both are side gigs, but one produces better results. And if you take one that does not utilize using your car, like I have, goes back to my original point of expense and profit and exploring side gigs.
  17. lol stop calling a job a side gig then. It's confusing because most will answer differently if talking about a "side gig" which is a second job, or your ONLY source of income. In that case it's not a side anything.

    In the quote below can "the real side gig" be substituted by "normal job"?
  18. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    In other words, if you call ANY fast food place, and say I can only work 1 8hr shift a week, they would hire you, at least where I live they would...wouldn't that be WAY more profitable in all reality then driving any weekend night with uber AFTER expenses?

    A side gig doesn't mean turn on and off when want, a side gig is a job that is not actually a job, imo
  19. Seamus


    New York
    If we are talking about a second job (I’m confused but think we are), then as people have said 2 or 3 million times the flexibility of U/L is fantastic.

    I had a second job with set hours and had my 22 year old “supervisor “ telling me I was not allowed to take time off! Uhhh yeah I am going on my vacation!
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  20. A gig in this context just means "a bit of work"

    2 - MAINLY AMERICAN a piece of work that you do for money, especially if you are self-employed.

    (Macmillan Dictionary)

    And so a "side gig" is a bit of work "on the side", meaning "outside your normal employment".

    Side gig is a second job. Not your primary. (See bold above^^^^^)

    I have a headache!

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