Uber Airport Pickup Zone


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Of course there'll be a fee, I'm not that keen on the airports - I just get out and back into the burbs if I have a pax to the airport, always strikes me as good that some choose to hang around the airports - keeps them off the streets.


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I just "turn and burn" unless I see a load of passengers coming out. In about 4 mths which must be over 100 airport runs I've only had about 10 pickups from the airport.

Was there 4 times today and got 2 pick ups! I just don't know what's going to happen!
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Will be interesting to see what develops. I concur with most others on this thread not worth wasting your time waiting at the airoporto.


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My understanding is at t1 the scv area u can apply for a card to have access but agree I wouldn't go to that trouble as 75% probability of dead kms by not heading south


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If I get a trip to T1 I do 2 laps if nothing, I leave. T3 I wait 5 mins and then leave.
Wouldn't want to wait too long to pocket that $6.40 lol

Probably couldn't get that same trip request since every uber is at the aeroporto.

Better off staying in bed early morns accepting low rated trip request and waiting for them to cancel after 5 mins.