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The story:

15-minute flights offered between Toronto and Niagara region.

In the time it usually takes to crawl a few measly feet down the Gardiner Expressway, you could soar straight from Toronto to the Niagara region.

But the blazing fast commute of around 15 minutes will cost you.

Greater Toronto Airways has announced daily flights from Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto to Niagara District Airport in St. Catharines, with a one-way trip starting at $85. Return flights are $159.

Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.flygta.com/ and flights commence on September 15.

The planes used carry just eight people and the first flights of the day leave Toronto at around 7:15 a.m.

The one way flight is cheaper than UberX.

If there's traffic, the return flight may be cheaper than X one way!

Talk about an unsustainable business model. At 8 passengers that's $680.00 per flight. Not exactly leaving any room for gas and maintenance here.


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Note it says "Starting at".. and that's just the base cost.
Slap on the taxes, and the landing fees... (and I'm sure there will be Surcharge for bags, etc...

From what I know, Having helped someone who was seriously considering something like this 2 years ago... added 25% to those calculations.
- Assuming 6 Return flights a day, the cost to run the aircraft would be about 3000 / day. (Fuel/maint included)
- at 19 passengers a day (38 seats), they would break even. Thats a 40% booking...

- If they sell out... they're going to get back over 2.5x...

I say it's sustainable


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When my buddy told me a few months ago that he picked up a guy, who told him that he's one of top guys at Uber. And that he told him that Uber is thinking of flights, trains, besides cars, I thought that his pax was just blowing dust. I guess not.