Uber ads are changing


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Uber ads are changing

At the beginning of this year I bought a car and signed up to Uber after seeing an ad just like this:

"Be your own boss. Earn some serious cash! Earn up to $30 an hour driving for Uber"


Just last week I noticed Uber was running ads on Google that said:

"Earn great money driving"

But now this week it says:

"Earn good money driving"


The rates have not changed since last week so why the sudden change in wording? It was great last week but now it's just good?
While it's good that Uber has cut back on such blatant false advertising, there is still a long way to go. I bet if we check their ads in a few months time the word 'good' will have been removed altogether. It is my opinion that the phrase 'good money' is still misleading given that if the earnings really were good then people would be able to do it full time. I think in the future they'll need to focus on flexibility as a selling point.


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Quit driving for this Criminal Enterprise.
The advert will change to "drive with Uber, you will love it that much you will be prepared to trash your car, get divorced, go bankrupt, your dog will attack you and you will go bankrupt"
Drivers will still sign up in droves