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Uber’s end-of-financial year tax update

Discussion in 'Canberra' started by Jack Malarkey, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Uber sent the following important email to drivers on Wednesday 4 July 2018 at 10.01 am:

    Useful EOFY information and updates

    Tax season is upon us again.

    We’ve spent the last few months speaking with driver-partners across the country to find out what you need to know to help make things easier during tax time.

    As a result, we’re excited to launch a new tax page on uber.com, featuring useful information and FAQs on all things tax. Tap the icons below to learn more.

    You can also check your partner dashboard after July 7 to access a new ‘annual’ tax summary for the 2017-2018 Australian financial year.

    It’s important to note that Uber is unable to provide professional tax advice. For other tax questions, you can contact a Momentum Rewards provider or the ATO directly. Airtax has also put together some general information, linked below, which you may find useful.

    Find more information
    NEW uber.com tax page >


    All things tax podcast: https://m.soundcloud.com/uberanz/sets/2018-podcast-4-all-things-tax.

    Airtax general information: https://help.airtax.com.au/hc/en-us/sections/360000025735-Tax-for-rideshare-drivers.


    Does Uber pay tax for me?

    No. As an Uber partner, you independently provide transportation services. You are not an employee of Uber nor a contractor of Uber. As such, you are responsible for reporting and paying all relevant taxes associated with your earnings producing activities.

    How do I calculate GST on my fare?

    Fares you charge riders are inclusive of GST. As such, GST is calculated as 1/11th of the fare. For example, if the fare charged on a trip is $11, GST is $1.

    Where can I find more information?

    You can visit help.uber.com for frequently asked partner questions

    Jack Malarkey comments:

    This is a pleasing development.

    It’s great to see that Uber is now basing its annual tax summaries on the Australian financial year of 1 July to 30 June rather than the calendar year.
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  2. 1ACC09AF-A1D3-4A29-BAE8-199468775F07.png Uber sent the above in-app message to drivers on Tuesday 10 July 2018 advising that the June tax summaries are delayed but are expected by mid-July.

    This will still allow plenty of time to prepare the business activity statement (or BAS for short), which is due by 28 July.

    It’s encouraging to see Uber provide this kind of explanation to drivers.
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  3. 623FC5FB-E45A-4DF8-9668-742FD829C02C.png The June 2018 Uber monthly tax summary is now available.
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  4. The annual tax summary for the 2017-18 is now available.

    The trouble is that I don’t think drivers can in fact use it with complete accuracy.

    Uber started paying, and passing on to drivers, GST on its service fee from 1 December 2017 (unless the driver hadn’t advised Uber of their ABN, in which case GST applied from 1 August 2017).

    You need to reduce any deduction by the amount of any GST credit claimed.

    Uber hasn’t split the service fee and other expense amounts between amounts paid before 1 December 2017 and amounts paid from that date, but has advised global figures.

    This means that drivers strictly need to tally up the monthly summaries from July 2017 to June 2018.

    Perhaps the expectation is that drivers won’t remember any of these details and will simply use the annual summary and that close enough will be good enough. That’s no doubt true given the small amounts of revenue involved in the broader scheme of things.
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  5. Golfer


    Jack I will refer our Bris. Members to your
    thread , some may not know about the end of year tax advice I know you won't mind :)
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