Uber’s advice on dealing with heavily intoxicated and unresponsive riders

Jack Malarkey

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Uber advised the following in an email sent to drivers on 23 November 2018 at 3.01 pm:

Dealing with riders who are intoxicated or unresponsive

If your rider is heavily intoxicated and unresponsive you’re advised to not end the trip, but to contact emergency services via the Safety Toolkit in your Driver app, or by calling 000 or 111. Don’t touch or handle the rider, unless instructed by emergency services, and follow their instructions until they arrive.
and next day you will get a gift of 1 star rating and lots of comments by rider
because diver driven good and was not intoxicated

only Driver has to face bad rating


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I just roll them out onto the side of the road and drive away.. Of course after I have gone through their pockets to help relieved them of any pesky $..