Typical Rider Questions from the Rider Handbook


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A few annoying questions with suggested responses
1. "So, when did you start your shift?" This question was designed for the Rider to assess you based on their esteemed knowledge of the ride sharing practise and to make them feel important and forget that they are just a pathetic contribution to society
Suggested answer is "yesterday"
2. "It must be great to be able to earn so much money in a flexible working environment?"
Suggested answer is "What's it like to catch an Uber because I cannot afford one on the 2 dollar payment I get from this minimum fare"
3. "How much do you earn from doing this?"
Suggested answer is "How much do you get paid for the miserable input you put in at your company?"
4. "You have certainly earned 5 stars"
This makes them feel superior and forget their pathetic circumstances
Suggested answer "thanks mate you are a f&&king legend and I will always be indebted to you
5. "I have not put in the destination as you uber drivers need to be directed"
They do not know how to put it in or are just f$$king lazy
Suggest you ask them the street name that you turn off to get to the destination and because they don't know the street names they will be f$$ked
6. "This service is amazing Those Taxis are a total rip off"
Suggested answer "I can't wait for Woolworths to create an app where they pay their staff 8 dollars an hour and I can get my groceries cheap"

Feel free to contribute to the Drivers Handbook on "Ride Sharing" or should we call it "The Cheap Taxi Alternative"
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