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Two ‘tip’ questions

Discussion in 'Tips' started by urplace ormine, Mar 13, 2018 at 8:29 AM.

  1. urplace ormine

    urplace ormine New Member

    New Mexico
    I’ve read similar threads on these questions but too many respond with how much you think passengers should tip,
    and ways to retaliate against passengers who don’t tip.

    I’d just like to know approximately a percentage of passengers who do tip,
    and the approximate dollar amount.

  2. Jufkii

    Jufkii Well-Known Member

    cedar rapids
    If we knew what percentage of our tips don't get posted due to "technical glitches", you could get a more accurate answer to your question.
  3. jwintaz

    jwintaz New Member

    In the last 100 rides, I've received 27 tips for $85.
    27% tip ratio
    85 cents tip per ride
    Avg tip of $3.15 when they do tip
  4. urplace ormine

    urplace ormine New Member

    New Mexico
    What percentage of your passengers tip, and approximately what is the average?
    Thank you
  5. Ribak

    Ribak Well-Known Member

    Based on 1 year in the Seattle area, 3 out of 4 Lyft pax will tip in App.....usually $1-$5 and on occasion higher. Since UBER implemented the change, my experience has been 1 out of 8 pax will tip in APP or cash. $1-$3 or higher if the choose one of the default percentages.

    This will vary greatly by market, time of day/night and vehicle. Also, the drivers attitude may have some effect.

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