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Tuscaloosa, AL - War Eagles or Affiliate

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Hi I am Uber driver Edwin and I am a Millitary Affiliate
I have been driving here since March 2017 so that is my year Yay!
I drive only in Tuscaloosa. except rides to the Airport in Birmingham and also 1 ride last year to the Birmingham Outlet Mall

My schedule is simply set the alarm for 4am and try to make what I need 7 days a week
I have over 3000 Rides now, over 40000 miles on my brand new 2016 Mazda CX-5
I have bought new tires, new battery, 1 rear liscense plat bulb, 1 disc brake service
I am very pleased to have this car which was in the ratings in last place
I luv it

I tried the apple ios which was rated number 1 "for UBER" it was the worst
I will be 47 next month and am very glad to have found this job
it was something back in the early 80s I believe that was being spread around on Radio
stating there would be a new job opportunity for people to drive like a taxi on the car phone

lol this is back when the car phone only worked as a regular phone very old school
so I am glad to be free and go to work when I want to Yay!

My only advice is to find yourself 1 Resteraunt that you will always love and never go to another of the same in your State. ie only the same Resteraunt you would use / LOL its that simple

"this is SPAM"