How long have you been driving in Tulsa

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Do you usually work during the week, or weekends. I don't usually drive during the week. Wondering how busy you get.


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A mix. Sometimes a little each night. I dont do the 2am thing much. No tolerance for beligerent drunks. Haha


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If you don't mind the wait the airport is fine. Personally, I generally refuse to go out there unless Tulsa is super dead or I want a break.
There has been a few times, where I tell the wife going to work and sit in airport lot watching movies.

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I just driving last week. I have a toll question: When I use google maps, I have the navigation avoiding tolls. I do not have a PikePass. How many drivers do not have a PikePass? I understand the rider is charged the toll and I'll get that money back. The only issue I see is the rider not liking the fact of me taking a longer route. In which case, I would let them know I don't have a PikePass and ask them if that is alright. I'm probably going to get a PikePass, because this type of conversation is not exactly good customer service.

Any thoughts?


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Tulsa Accountant when it comes down to the turnpike, its worth it to get the pike pass. They're free, but do require $40 of prepaid tolls. When you do use the tolls you often save 5 cents or so this adds up.

Before you roll figure out which area of town you will be going and give the customer the option. "Hey I see you want to go downtown. I can take the turnpike or go on up to 169 which do you prefer." They usually say turnpike is fine. Then you confirm okay turnpike tolls will be added to your bill is that still okay?

Know your destination and main highways before you roll so you can give this option. You're more likely to run into the customer who will 1 star you and not say anything. By asking you did your job.

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