Tulsa Uber: 11 pennies a mile, 8 pennies a minute, 56 pennies for everything else


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Uber Tulsa
  • During the time customers are actually inside your car, you net 11-pennies per mile and 8-pennies per minute.
  • 56-pennies per customer is your compensation for everything else.

(This looks better in a table format, oh well)

Driver Action----------------Driver Costs --------------- Uber pays
Waiting for ride request----Time waiting---------------$0.56 per customer
Driving to customer---------Time driving empty-------$0.00 per minute
-------------------------------$0.53 per mile* empty----$0.00 per mile empty

Transporting customer-----Time driving loaded--------$0.08 per minute
-------------------------------$0.53 per mile* loaded-----$0.64 per mile loaded

  • Uber pays $0.56 for the time waiting for and the expense driving to pick up one Uber customer.
  • Once the customer is inside the auto, the Uber driver nets $0.11 per mile ($0.64 pay minus $0.53 auto expenses) and $0.08 per minute while actually transporting that customer.
  • That’s 11-cents a mile and 8-cents a minute ($4.80/hour) while the customer is actually in your car, 56-cents per customer for everything else.
  • Recent experience in Tulsa bears out the observation that for each paid mile transporting a customer, there is an unpaid mile driven to pick that customer up. At $0.53 per mile for auto expenses, this means that it costs the Tulsa Uber driver $1.06 in auto expenses for every $0.64 Uber pays, (disregarding the $0.56 flat rate Uber pays to wait for and pick up each customer). A Tulsa Uber driver is actually losing $0.42 in auto expenses for every mile Uber pays him.
  • Someone skilled enough to buy a cheap & usable used car and do all repairs & maintenance himself might be able to bring that $0.42 loss per paid mile down a bit. But such a person might also realize that the $0.56 to pick up the customer and $0.08 per minute with the customer is not enough to overcome the auto expenses.

*IRS 2017-standard-mileage-rates-for-business: Based on an annual study of the fixed and variable costs of operating an automobile, the IRS has calculated that it costs approximately 53.4 cents per mile to operate your vehicle for business use, (the Standard Mileage Rate). This number is pretty accurate, yes you can do better probably as low as $0.49 but not lower then that. And before you jump and cry “Prius!” remember the $0.08/mile you save on gas is offset by the higher cost of a Hybrid car.
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