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Tuition Benefit?


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a four year college course costs how much.............?????????.....and uber cant pay me more than 62 cents per mile....yea ok....


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I tried, but...... You need apply for student loan first and after Uber will pay 100% if you not covered. I want apply for mortgage, so extra check my credit history not good idea at this time, so I stop at first step.
There's always a catch with Uber


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I paid for the college myself since Uber told me they would reimburse me hundred percent when it came time to reimburse me Uber deactivated me 3 weeks before graduation and I had to cover all of the costs.


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I went to college because Uber said they would pay for it now they won't pay I don't know what to do
Tell them you're ready to be an ant and pay them back if they front you the money. When they realize how long it'll take from the low rates then might actually realize they need to raise them to get paid faster and you'll make us all a favor! :biggrin:


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Was just browsing Facebook and ran into this post from uber. The comments are pretty good, people are complaining like crazy.
Higher education should never be out of reach? Go set up a soapbox in the center of the EWR pigpen and see just how many drivers there can spell the word CAT with a freaking teleprompter with it spelling the word out. It’s no small wonder that the up net community is so small, considering most drivers are illiterate. What once was a gig a person could be proud to claim, has sunken so low, and they just keep on boarding more moroons every day. When the new Sami Law kicks in, I will refuse to festoon my vehicle with the bs signage. After I get the first $250 ticket, I will quit. Putting light up targets on our backs will cause more drivers to get robbed, mugged and physically harmed. Roll back the clocks to the ‘70s in NY with illegal cab drivers getting murdered on a daily basis. There is an old adage that goes: those that don’t study history are bound to repeat it.