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Tuesday nite App Outage


New Member
Anyone else experiencing app outage. Decided to work the night and the app went down on my 1st run. Now my trip a complete missing. Don't want to keep driving tonight if this keeps up. I'm wasting time just sitting waiting for it to come back up. Finally let me log off. Maybe this is a sign for me to take my butt home lol.


New Member
I'm missing my last two trips... each time I tried to complete the rating and it would give me error message


Well-Known Member
Now driver are not getting to pax for pick up...lol...the rider was complaining, "its hard to get uber these days"..ie..uptown...yup that's true. At no surge..driver answers and head towards opposite direction...lol...F**uber and those cheap sucker pax...good job drivers keep on doing that so they get frusted....


New Member
Non of my trips are showing up either. I emailed support and they claim to be working on it. Probably means another update tommorrow.

Had no problem getting passengers though.


Well-Known Member
I had an update today, it was either for today or Monday because I dove Sunday but not Monday. (Today meaning Tuesday)