TSA CALLING IN SICK at DFW to drive Uber


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In case you aren't aware, the federal govt is in a partial shutdown & the employees aren't getting paychecks. It's been going on the last 13 days so far.

Now, TSA workers @ DFW are calling in sick{up ALMOST 300%} & ANTING to pay their bills.



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Oh good, we'll see fewer random pat downs, Tapper says. Remember, TSA stands for Thousands Standing Around. It was a government employment program that blossomed during the recession years, partly to put people to work.

I don't blame them for double-dipping, which is what they are doing. They'll get their paychecks one of these days.

Meanwhile, us law abiding people at the airport have to go through ten times the security checks as any fentanyl packing, human trafficking, or even landscaping working @@@@ that wants to stroll aross the southern border.