Trying to get 1 Lyft ride an hour...


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and struggling. I chill at the Starbucks in little Italy. Nothing. Anywhere else I can chill?


I drove in the "Guarantee zone" last night for 1 1/2 hours.
ZERO requests. Turned it off.
Very frustrating.


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The problem is and Im just speaking for my city, that there is to many drivers here and never any surge.


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I was just down there. I had a 3.3x to SAN at 9am for a quick $65. I ended the trip before entering the airport and went offline because I didn't want any BS rides from SAN because my plan was to parlay my one trip on lyft in the zone. it was 9:45 so I headed to the zone to wait for 10 am and got my lyft at 10:20 from [email protected]

only went a few miles northish so perfect for me now I'm home chillin. HUge am surges don't usually last on a Thursday. So I figure I go home and chill until it starts surging again later. The Lyft daytime guarantees tomorrow are better.