Truckee - best spots for getting rides?


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Hello All,

I was coming back from Reno yesterday with my app on, and I caught a few rides in Truckee. I tried waiting in downtown Truckee for rides and each ride I received was 10 - 19 minutes away so clearly I was not in the best spot. I tried waiting near where Boreal and other resorts were located and I did not receive any rides at all in 90 minutes.

Any advise on the better spots to wait for rides? Week-ends, weekdays, mornings, nights? I do not plan to drive there once the snow hits.


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That is mountain driving. Everything is far away unless you are lucky. I have only caught rides on the way back from taking people to Reno. The major holidays is when it’s busy as well as when it snows.

The cost up and down always makes me pause. What if it’s dead. That’s a lot to eat.


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All pings are 20 or 15 min away. Some of the pings I got where from Rest Areas. I was driving to Reno with app on and got a few. But nothing to make it worth it lol.