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Trip to Philadelphia


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I tried turning the app on all 3 states and it wasn't working . PA ,NJ and NY. Sucks we can't do destination or do ride in those states

Do tell

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I know we can't do NY, but I thought we can do NJ and PA.
Back when Uber started in Connecticut,one of my first rides was from Danbury to Central New Jersey. They had no destination feature back then. On my way back to Connecticut,I was being pinged non-stop.Couldn't get out of the state until I turned off the app. Haven't been back to Jersey since,but I don't drive very much for uber since all the price cuts. Best part time job ever,that's all it'll ever be for me.Your mileage may vary. Best of luck to the full-timers and Happy Thanksgiving.

mark edwards

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Let me know you guys opinions. Spent about $70 on gas & tolls. Trip was from Wilton, CT at 5:18 and got home at 12pm
IMO one way long jobs really do not work out very well. $188 when you consider the real costs of tolls and operating a vehicle (NOT just gas, although that is what Uber wants you to think) does not work out to very much. Really less than $10 hr which is pretty poor. And driving the NJT IS labor intense, don't belittle what you do. I once had a niche courier business and from New Haven to Philly I would make about $350 before costs, and did not have to deal w/ passengers.


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If you deadheaded back 3.5 hours I say not worth it . $188. -$70 = $118

I used to like those rides until they lowered rates. I can make $118 just giving rides locally and staying close to home

If we could get a return trip back then it would be great


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Was this an elderly couple from an assisted living facility in Redding? I had a pax from there that asked if I would bring his parents from there to Philly around Thanksgiving, wanted to do it outside of Uber. Said no to it, and told him to request the ride normally.


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No it was a male in his mid thirty. Elderly couple huh in Redding huh? Shoot it won't be me! It wasn't worth it. That ride got me questioning should I even be doing Uber at all.
What do you get for gas mileage?

I get 36 MPG average in my 2011 Honda Fit Sport 5-speed manual.

You need to be getting MINIMUM 30 MPG to make it worth while.