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Travis - on TV


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Look at his face, he looks low class, dishonest and a person you can't trust. Looks tell a lot about a person and as we all know, Travis has proven what he's really like SCUM

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"Oh, yeah, I drive sometimes. I'm a ☆☆☆☆☆ rated driver."

If he actually drove, ever, he would understand why drivers hate him.


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Someone should take all his credit cars away, give him 200 bucks in cash, a 2000 Toyota Corolla and make him drive for a month..

it'll click by week 2.


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I agree 100%
If he was smart, he would do that ! But I doubt if he would drive very long, he would get deactivated for low star ratings.

I would like to see him and give him a TIP ..... Go find another job and mess that business up too.


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What effn planet is he on?

"For his part, Kalanick defended his company by saying it paid better salaries and offered more flexible hours than the traditional taxi industry, media reports said."


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The video shows he's defiantly lacking in social skills. He certainly did not make me excited at all about the company...no way he's 5-star without his access code and IT Dept.

I want the Prius turkey sandwich, the one that's been in the trunk an hour.

By the way employees of uber are not permitted to drive so he's a freaking hypocrite or a liar


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(Questions to be used by Colbert) For Travis Kalanick: Uber domination, regulation and an IPO

• First things first: When is Uber going public?

• Are you building self-driving cars? Isn’t everyone else?

• Let’s talk about your company’s culture. Is it like the Amazon of Uber, or the other way around?

• What’s Uber going to do about those pesky regulators in Europe and Asia — and the U.S., for that matter?

• Are we safer in an Uber car than in a traditional taxi?

• Do you see Uber becoming more like UberPool or remaining focused on individual riders?

How much do you tip your Uber driver?

Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/stephen-colbert-should-ask-elon-musk-and-travis-kalanick-these-questions-2015-08-25?page=2


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Softball bullshit questions. At least Colbert trashed him on the Uber eats bullshit. Looking and listening to Travis made me want to drive less... so I will.


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The way UberEats sounds like it is supposed to work is a driver carries around completed orders from the local deli menu (<---- example) waiting for someone to "push a button." :rolleyes:



Our CEO is a total narcissist like Donald Trump. He cares about only one thing, himself. The truth is that hiring drivers is a pyramid scheme. "You will earn $35 an hour!". Most will be lucky to make minimum wage and will often have to take money out of your pocket for gas. The earnings certainly does not pay for oil, transmission fluid and filters as well as tires, batteries, and assorted repairs like brakes and alignment. This is not to mention that with the high mileage your car will be almost worthless for resale or a trade in. He told Colbert that he was going to add an app for food delivery to the Uber customer. Would you allow some drunk eating in your car? He also stated that he is proposing driverless cars to eliminate the driver! This guy should run for President!
I saw a message earlier telling another driver that it is your car and you set the rules for passengers! If it is a State with open container laws, it is up to you to have the occupants to obey the laws! It is you that will be fined $500 and have points on YOUR license. The same holds true for smoking, or eating a meal in your car. IT IS YOUR CAR! If you want to display a sign on glove compartment or back of front seat stating, Tipping Welcomed and Appreciated, then do it! Are you 13? It is your car! You are an independent contractor. Act like it!