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Trains, Tunnels, Politics, 1%'ers, Conspiracy Theories, Bad Traffic Planning, etc


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The motto for the USA in the 21st century:

"EVERYBODY is out to get you"

Sadly, there are many who actually believe this.

ATX 22

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Okay, I'll bite.
Who on earth decided not to put any kind of highways going east and west here in Austin?
It's aggravating as hell. Only 2 places to cross Lake Austin anywhere near Westlake, and one of those is sketchy as all get out.
And freaking tollways? At least build a tollway so it's convenient to SOMETHING, hell, convenient to anything other than just an 80mph bypass.
Is Jade Helm over with yet? I want to dig up the gun safe I buried in the back yard so Obammy wouldn't come take them.

ATX 22

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I'll take a go at this.
Uber, the Warren Comission, Ronald Reagan, The Pointer Sisters, Ray Crock.
Seemingly unrelated, yet secretly in bed together to take over world transportation, fast food, and 80s R&B.
Speaking of 80's...
When it came to music, just what in the hell were we thinking for the most part?

Old Rocker

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I heard/read somewhere that the city of Austin purposely has limited highway construction in order to discourage people from moving to Austin. Well, if that's true, it's not working.


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[QUOTE="Is Jade Helm over with yet? I want to dig up the gun safe I buried in the back yard so Obammy wouldn't come take them.[/QUOTE]

So, you plan on doing some shooting.


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I think we need to free Austin from the rest of Texas. I've lived in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, and been places in Texas that no one has heard of, and Austin is the shining star.
Even if our highway system is shit.
Agreed. SA has it's value and is underrated in my opinion. Houston has made some strides. Dallas is a cesspool of nonsense and terribleness. Most smaller towns/areas mean well and are good folks but, politically/progressively speaking, are no match for Karl Rove. All in all Austin has everything you could ever want, though it is on the fast track to being more or less ruined.

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