Trade dress updated


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just got an email that now says trade dress must be in the rear window. Up until today I believe it was supposed to be in front window, where mine has been for months. Makes more sense to have it in front so riders see it as you approach

Actually reads like they want you to put it on the passenger door window


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I haven't used mine since it went into effect. Passengers aren't looking for it. Don't seem to care. I was throwing it on when I picked up at the airport but haven't even been doing that lately. I suppose I'll keep ignoring it until I get snagged. Do you know anyone that has?


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My back window is heavily tinted, no one can see jack from there.. this is typical FUber corporate nonsense

I display trade dress prominently in the front and these clueless first timer pax still can’t tell if I’m their Uber. Sometimes I wonder if my front window is tinted or maybe my pax is vision impaired. They pull Chinese firedrill style antics as they inspect my car from every angle.

P.S. to the rest of the world’s Uber drivers: you’re welcome. I spend all day patiently edumacating these first timer doughballs on how to rideshare. Actual question I got today: “Is this your car or do you share it with other Uber drivers?”
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