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Toyota's investment in Uber values the company at $72 billion

With a partnership in developing autonomous-vehicle technology, Toyota is investing $500 million into Uber, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Khosrowshahi has stated, “Uber's advanced technology and Toyota's commitment to safety and its renowned manufacturing prowess make this partnership a natural fit.” Although the technology company, Uber, has was previously valued at $69 billion, this investment round will value Uber at $72 billion. Uber has also discussed selling self-driving tech to Toyota.



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Slap a payment option on Google Maps. BAM ! You got Google rideshare. 72 billion? No freaking way. They get a company like Apple or Amazon getting into the game they're going to have to do something to justify that valuation. Lyft was testing out self-driving technology in some abandoned military base in California. Guess who else was looking at a military base. Apple ! This article was back in 2015. I never forget anything.

Millitary bases must be great for testing self driving cars for Apple. I mean Lyft. I mean Apple :/
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Stevie The magic Unicorn

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Toyota will be upset when they end up with nothing.
You're damn right they will be left with nothing. 110 billion for a algorithm? If that's the case Bitcoin should be worth about 110 trillion.
When uber folds up they will be able to strip uber for it's technology.

The car manufacturers might get their worth not in an actual company, maybe software...

But the hardware for self driving could easily manifest itself out in the next generation of safety sensors and fancy doodads.