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Toxic riders and gated communities? Timing on ratings?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Wraiththe, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Wraiththe


    Had sort of an issue this morning. Came to pick up a rider and GPS took me to the back gate of a gated community. (and the pickup location was changed as I go there.) I called the pax… who was extremely rude... I found the front entrance and asked her for the code.. nicely and she started going off on my how all the other uber drivers never ask, they just follow a car in... (Yelling) I said she was asking me to do something illegal, and I had to back out of the slip... to make room for the next guy.. but there was no one and I told her there was no one else there... so she started yelling at me that she was not going to pay to wait and she should cancel... so I offered to cancel instead. Well, another driver came in and I followed him in. I was going to turn down her street and she said no no no, I see you, can you see me? (she was behind a huge pickup and only her head was showing.. she was a full block away in a condo community!) Since I was already committed I went ahead down the block and finally saw her... (my gut telling me to cancel.) She was so rude. She said "I can tell you are from NY." I gave her such a dirty look from the corner of my eye she finally realized she had gone to far.

    While I had bee nice to her, offered her a charger, a bottle of water, gum... and tried to keep the conversation positive.

    She then tells me how she had been woken up and had ten minutes to get ready. No coffee. Had to get to her grand kids. She did not live there, her son did. She calmed down and became very nice. Apologized frequently and asked me to forgive and forget. She said she would rate me a five. We talked and she seemed calm and pleasant for most of the ride. (I kind of pride myself on making people relaxed and trying to put them in a good mood.)

    Here is the thing: I almost always give people 5's. But I gave her a 4 and marked attitude and other. In the beginning I wanted to give her a 1 because she was mean and just short of nasty. (but we all have bad days.)
    She also asked me to do something illegal... and said all the other uber drivers do it. (I said a lot of uber drivers do unethical things too... )

    When I rated her... Uber said it would inform the rider. What? Is that before they rate us?

    Despite this she still got the 4. Now I am worried she will see that and give me a 1.

    I am concerned that Uber may not really want us to rate people poorly. Do the Pax get to see who rated them and why?
  2. Eugene73


    ratings they do no matter. just count your money
  3. Disgusted Driver

    Disgusted Driver

    next time, trust your instincts and cancel as no show.
  4. No Uber just says that because they try to make the driver rate pax highly - it's like they're hanging it over a driver's head. Don't worry about it - nothing will be said to the ****ty, rude pax.

    I just need to say this: you shouldn't have let her in your car, you should have waited out the 5 minutes and cancelled so you could collect your rider no show fee, and you should have rated her a 1-star if you had to give her a ride.

    Never let a pissed off, angry, rude, entitled pax in your car - period. And after someone is rude and yells and tells you to break the law, definitely don't rate them higher than a 2.

    You're obviously new - use this experience as a learning tool and next time, don't allow someone who treats you poorly inside your car.
  5. Y0d4


    New jersey
    Wonder how many miles the trip ended up being even tho I would have canceled 100%
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  6. Zebonkey


    San Francisco
    All that instead of cancelling on her sorry ass right after the first rude word, that came out of her mouth.
  7. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    I'm reading this post, and I'm thinking to myself, "this driver sounds like an ant."
    Then I get to the part where he writes:
    :rolleyes: Yep. He's an ant!
  8. I mean this in the nicest way, you're too nice.
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  9. reg barclay

    reg barclay Moderator

    rockland/westchester NY, new jersey
    Pax don't see who rated them. They can see that their rating changed, so just like drivers they can attempt to guess based on their previous rides. However, nowadays they don't see their rating change till after they rate you, so there's no fear of revenge ratings in any case.
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  10. touberornottouber


    Volusia County, FL
    Just to pile on to what others have said and reinforce it: You defintiely should cancel at the slightest hint of the customer being upset. That is if you care at all about being able to continue doing this, minimizing your risk of assaults and false reports, and just having a pleasant experience.

    I was hesitant at first too when I started but eventually I learned.

    As far as gated communities and in particular apartment complexes go I actually try to avoid them. There are a few where if I getnhem I will usually just cancel right away. If I do these though ideally the passenger will text me the gate code or say "I'll be right outside the gate". If they don't and I feel like it I will drive to the gate and text them. If at any point they get an attitude I cancel "do not charge rider" (The $3.75 isn't worth the increased risk of a false complaint to Uber to me) and drive off with the windows up and the doors locked. If they call or text after that I ignore it. Then I try to note never to get them again.
  11. Coachman


    Yep... it they're upset, angry, rushed, or even the least bit annoyed... cancel immediately and be grateful for saving yourself from a horrible trip.
  12. Wraiththe


    Well, I was on a fence today... but with a lyft ride... I picked up a woman: Turns out she needed to stop and pick up her three kids a very short distance away. At least she had child seats for the two that needed it. They were great kids. Then I drove from there - two blocks to get her home. Meanwhile another guy had been auto added... but cancelled twice.

    I looked at the pay for her ride and it was something like $3.36 -
    It took me 10 minutes to get there and @15-20 minutes to do all this. (Seemed like longer but that is what the app said.) She got a 3 and I cut off Lyft for the day. (I only gave her a 3 because I don't want to do that trip again. She does this most days for work. It was selfish of me because she was perfectly nice. I really feel bad now.)

    On Uber as a last ride close to home I drove to a road at apartments with no address number.
    waited a minute then called: guy picked up, and hung up.
    Called: No answer
    Texted: Where I was... no answer....
    Waited past the "cancel if no show...."
    I wanted to go home and cancelled as a no show. Pretty sure I saw him walking down a hill as I drove off, but not sure.
    Too bad. I did not notice a cancellation fee added and if it was, it was not $5.

    Primarily: fact is we are there for the customer. They are not there for us. Still. If someone does not make it sting a little, they will not wise up and get the address correct, or be out there, or at least answer the goddamn phone or get out there within a reasonable amount of time.

    Still, I plan on only doing this sparingly. I don't expect everything to go my way.
  13. Side Hustle

    Side Hustle

    Fort Worth
    I read half way through your first paragraph and stopped. Come on dude-“extremely rude” = immediate cancel. It’s a mathematical formula. You could just wait it out at the gate an collect a cancellation fee, but for me I’d just rather cut the cord. I’ve had a call or two like that and I tell them they need to cancel because I am not going to pick them up. It’s amazing how fast they try to change their tone, but I just hang up anyway.

    Is this true? I hadn’t heard about the change. What if they don’t rate you and you gave them a 1 Star at the end of the ride. Do they never see you 1 starred them?

    Don’t feel bad. Not for a second. This is what you do. 1star in uber or 3 or below for Lyft.After you have had your fill of boomerang rides and waiting out side for 7 cents a minute while she goes in the school to get her kids, you will quit feeling bad. Those kids can take the bus, or walk to school. Mom needs to buy a car. I had a ride the other day were pax expected me to wait outside Walmart while they shopped. I ended the trip and one starred their butts. They just don’t get it.
  14. Wraiththe


    Lyft is 7 cents a minute for waiting? Holy crap.

    Admitting: I like a challenge.

    Just for the record. The first ride in the first post in the thread... was @23-26 miles and a good one. It netted me more than any other ridethat day... and someone having a crappy day... or in a bad way... (or just a toxic person) was diffused and now pleasant. Technically in the end it was all good... but it could have gone sideways.

    I have been told I like to dig myself into a hole just to see if I can climb out. However, part of the point is that sometimes patience pays. Especially on bad days.

  15. reg barclay

    reg barclay Moderator

    rockland/westchester NY, new jersey
    Yes it is true:


    I don't know, but presumably if they don't rate you, then they don't see their rating change till after their chance to rate has gone.
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  16. First mistake:You drove 10 minutes to pick her up.
  17. You live in Miami. He lives in Charlotte. Your city is probably a lot busier. Smaller markets cant afford to be as choosy. Its kind of died in Louisville KY recently
  18. In Miami there's an over saturation of drivers coming from third world countries.Busier doesn't mean we get enough pings.

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