Totaled Car Driving Compensation


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I was t-boned in an intersection by somebody running a red light (3 days before I made my last payment on that car). So, i'm unable to Uber for the next few weeks til I get a new car. Has anybody every had something like this happen and did you seek compensation from insurence to make up for the loss of income? If you did seek compensation, did you get it? How did you get it? What did you use as a comparison for what you would have made (average for current year, or average for the same month the previous year... etc).

To be clear, I wasn't driving for Uber when I was hit, I was on my lunch break for my day job.

John McYeet

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Attorney. Especially with a car accident. Normally they won’t charge you unless you win the case too so you don’t have to pay out of pocket right away. I’d suggest Brown and Croupon.