Top 5 Worst Uber Passengers

Tr4vis Ka1anick

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I am upset that I made number 5 when clearly Ms. Miami Doctor was clearly out of line. She should be number 2 thus dropping me to number 6, bumping me off this list!

Why doesn't Lyft have a top 5 worst passengers list?

Besides, I have a nicer butt than she does!


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Uh, wait, was #4 at :50 bad passengers? That guy acted like an animal. They came in with attitudes, but he escalated to crazy-town.

OMG! #3, what the heck? Once again it's an annoying passenger but the driver has no coping skills. That guy just totally lost his mind.

I do wonder why these passengers, though, are so clueless as to be in an enclosed space with a guy who's clearly mentally unwell. Do they really have no personal sense of safety whatsoever? No caution alarms? If the driver is nuts why would you even want to stay in his car?
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Yeah that doctor definitely should have made that list.
Unless they excluded her since she wasn't actually that drivers passenger.
Dr Anjali Ramkissoon learned a very important life lesson that evening, the Hells Angels motto - "When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets."

Or as Monica Lewinsky learned, you can paint a thousand pictures and no one will call you an artist. But if you suck one ****, you're labeled for life.


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Those 2 Chicago girls aren't anywhere near the top 5.

My list.
TK argument.
Taco bell dude wailing on the driver
That Miami girl trashing the uber
Stabby walmart shoplift a machete girl that killed her driver
Various criminals.


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Almost had #3 happened to me. The friend of the pax got into my car but the pax ordering the ride didn't show up. It was a bar street with many peeps. I told the friend of the pax to exit the vehicle since I will be cancelling the ride. She didn't want to get out. I told her, or should I say I got to the point of yelling, "get the fug out my car!"....she still insisted in staying saying she has the right for me to wait for her friend who ordered the car to take them to their destination. She started blabbing that she knows lawyers and politicians who will get me fired. She said she will call the police for kidnapping. I told her to do whatever she needs to do but u needs to go. She wouldn't budge. I couldn't believe it. I then thought of this #3 guy and I started feeling what this guy must have felt. I got out and open the door with angry demeanor and opened the door she was at. She knew better not to take it any further and finally got out. Luckily I didn't make it on utube.

Tr4vis Ka1anick

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This one is a total melt down with a puddle of vomit to boot.
The video quality for this one isn't all that good. Hey at least the water bottle in the back seat was in an upright position.