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Took the weekend off


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Ended up not working all weekend. I kind of liked it. Went out and excersized my 2A rights, went to my kids birthday party, and now having a dads day out with my 2 boys.

And with Ubers rate slashing I don't even care. I may even never go back to driving
I'm with you, took Friday and Saturday off, barely drove Thursday as its college drunk and obnoxious night.


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Haven't driven since thurs pm. Will continue to lyft, but I wager that will get even more bleak with fellow agitated Uber drivers jumping ship.

Back to the endless search for traditional employment.

Jam Val

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I've been opting to forgo weekend nights and instead get out at 5am on those mornings. It's been good so far cause all the other little uber drivers are sleeping. :p