Took Lyft from Border


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Came back yesterday from TJ and ordered a Lyft from the PedWest crossing. Car was over by the outlets and started towards me. He calls and asked what store I'm in front of. Guess he hasn't been to PedWest before and told him I was at the awnings by the pickup area. I'm watching and notice he pulled over by the Coffee Bean. No biggy, I see him, wave no walk over to the car.

Get in the car, and he asked where we going? Oh it's on the app but I verified and off we go. For those who drive, you stay as far from the parking lots as possible due to the traffic and people who don't care. Well he gets right in the middle of it. Ok. We get through and he is getting ready to turn right towards the old border crossing. That's when I said "Please take a left and go up to Dairy Mart then onto the 905". I wasn't going to sit in that other traffic.

We are on our way and the whole trip he had the windows down and music turned up. It was warm so I didn't want to role the window down but come on.

Got to the house and all was good.

Overall not bad but I can understand why he had a 4.7 rating. And a funny thing is he had a T-shirt on the back of the pax seat asking for people to rate him. Stated if he is rated below 4.7 he will be deactivated. Well he is close but if I wasn't a driver I would say why so low.

I still gave him a tip for the ride because no matter what I do give a tip.

I'll post screens to show the breakdown.

This why I say drive smarter than harder. He turned the 10-15 minute trip into a 21 minute trip.


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with extremely low base fare and low standards this is what the market produces. I had a pax tell me they thought a driver was going to kill them, his cell phone kept dropping from it's mount, driver would look down pick it up while driving! Car would swerve into oncoming traffic, the guy was a dirty mess, and an unfortunate language communication barrier so they couldn't communicate drop off or their safety concerns. Disaster ride, they gave 1* and reported a safety issue.