Took A Gamble...


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I got tired of going inside the Inner Loop last night, so I headed down to Pasadena for a change; hoping for a decent surge. It was not the all. I've always seen Pasadena blow up red on weekends when everywhere else inside the Loop was either slow or dead. It was the total opposite last night. I took the chance...but it didn't pay off. Got 4 trips in 3 hours....short ones, too. I hate when that shit happens.


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Sunday was pretty slow in general so don't feel too bad. It's summer time as well so there are a lot more drivers out there. Once schools starts up again it tends to pick up again


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Maybe that medal system is starting to work for uber. Keeps the numbers more consistently spread over all hours perhaps.
surge killer, maybe you guys are the test market for a rate hike. when they set the rate too low drivers quit and surges result; too high and pax will walk the quarter mile, so they are looking for the bare minimum of what keeps drivers IN line and ON line and the max the pax won't balk over.

What they should be doing is looking for the max a pax will always pay for a short ride on a weekend night out vs. a weekday and then set a rates accordingly. They should make all weekend hours higher rates than normal because that is the reality of the demand. This is the case for the hotel industry, higher room prices on weekends regardless of actual demand. Eliminating a base rate really screwed us on short trips. Short trips are a money loser for drivers so they need to raise the min to $8 on X $7 for pool. THere's no reason someone that is considering an uber to take them less than a mile wouldn't pay $2 more bucks for the convenience. that alone could make a huge difference in these tiny profit margins the grinders are making.