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ugh I drove back n forth through Boise eagle and meridian tonight at least 10 times. I was in all the right surge spots. And guess what!? Not a damn request! ZERO! 4 hours online and I ended up getting one food delivery and the punk didn’t even tip! How was ur guys’ night? There were so many drivers out. Did u get pushed aside tonight too, like me? Grrrrr. Any thoughts on how to get more requests? Much help would make me luvvv u long time! Thanks Uber fam!!


I think I saw that surge area you speak of, Eagle area. I watched all the ants march right to that spot until there was a tight group of at least 7 cars. Uber surge does not mean there is actual demand, they are just relocating troops as it were. I NEVER drive to a surge area, waste of time. They usually disappear within 5 minutes anyway. Real surge fares are a thing of the distant past. YES, there are way to many drivers out there. Best practice is to wait at home, or a friends house and chill. One trip usually leads to another once you are out there.
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