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Too bad, so sad

Discussion in 'Inland Empire & Riverside County' started by Fuba Duba, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Fuba Duba

    Fuba Duba

    Hemet Ca
    I am almost positive that this job truly personifies Murphy's Law.
    I tried to ride the Temecula Surge wave last night on some kind of crazed idea that it would follow the same patterns that it has every other weekend. Seeing as anytime I try to do anything calculated it ends up poorly, it was obviously doomed to start.
    I sat near the casino/old town, stayed offline watching all the fellow drivers all disappear, it hit a 1.5x pretty quickly. I hit go online, got a base fare hit, ignored it and went offline til I saw a few drivers go active and take the leftover base fares. Went active, got a 1.5x at Pechanga and drove over there.
    When I arrived was mobbed by 5 pax. Had to inform them I could only take 4, which they threw a hissy fit, I cancelled and started to drive off.
    The valet ran over and stopped me, informing me other pax wanted a ride home. I looked, saw it was 3.4x and informed a "nice group of four" to cancel on their driver and see if they could get me.
    Two minutes later I had my happy pax sitting in my car, driving a nice 10 miles home.
    Now, seeing as life never ends up being simple, I got most of the way to their house without any major mishaps. One of the pax was hiccup level drunk and his wife repeatedly asked how the vomit reimbursement system worked, so it made me a tad concerned that I may be in for a treat. As it happened, my treat came to me in form of a phishing cop.
    I turned on a offstreet from Winchester road near murrietta hot springs, only to suddenly see red and blue in my rear window. I pulled over, left the lights on but killed the engine, asked my pax to please not be too loud as the officer approached. As he walked up and saw my pax he seemed smug that he got a drunk driver, and until he looked at my dash (phone in gps mode mounted to dash, glowstache mounted and turned on, etc) he looked like he was ready to try to throw the book at me. He informed me I almost hit the cement median (I turned into the middle lane, 8ish feet between me and the median, nice try) when I made my turn and that concerned him. He asked for my lisence, didn't even bother to ask for reg/POI. He then asked me to safely deliver my pax and have a safe night.
    Chalk one up for the glowstache, saved me from having to do stupid sobriety tests... Haven't had a drink in months and would have been very annoying to have to do all of that.
  2. Beur


    The Sandbox
    Wow you stole another drivers pax! That really pisses me off when people do that.
  3. It's dog eat dog out in Temecula.
  4. Fuba Duba

    Fuba Duba

    Hemet Ca
    Only did it because attendant pretty much blocked me from leaving. It was quite frustrating and would rather have gotten a different ping personally
  5. Dt River only got upto 3.8 and was done by 2:15. 7.6 the week b4. 5.0-5.8 avg most weeks.
  6. Fuba Duba

    Fuba Duba

    Hemet Ca
    Yeah it just didn't seem to do what I had seen consistently and made me quite sad. Rode a few nice surges last night in Palm Desert/La Quinta and whatnot, didn't make a whole lot but had some fun chatting with goofy rich people. They act like they have it so hard compared to homeless people it just amazes me.
  7. Curious, what's a glowstache?
  8. Its what Lyft gives you after completing your first 100 trips. Its 6 inches long, sits on the dash and plugs into cig lighter.
    The most important thing we need is the Trade Dress and it doesn't come in the kit they snail mail to you. That's really smart guys. [​IMG]
  9. Got it.

    I noticed that alot of UBER drivers also drive for Lyft. Is this not a conflict of interest?
  10. Only if one is trying for a guaranteed bonus. It becomes very difficult to play both sides of the fence.

    I think partly it's a way for drivers to show loyalty to one or the other. It also depends on the market your in. When I'm in OC the split between trips is like 95% uber 5% lyft. Riverside 85 /15%. my uber net earnings is 4 times that of Lyft.

    And since there is no telling how long I may sit waiting for an uber, lyft helps to supplement the wait time. Just be careful, cause if it looks like uber may surge, might want to log off lyft. However when your near the end of the lyft trip check uber for surge, if so log back onto uber, cause luck plays a big part in this game.

    Take note of my stacking an uber trip while nearing the end of a lyft trip. Same principle.
  11. Thanks Amsoil. Def some good tips. Im only part part part time, but I love making money. So I may sign up.
  12. Also, with all the newbies out here, surge is / maybe a thing of the past. At least until they figure out ride-share is not what the bill of goods represented and thought it would be and bail out. Hang tough for now, summer, things will change and August was may best month last year.

    I didn't start lyft til Jan this year.
  13. Lyft seems very market specific. We have it out here in the CV, but most of the action is in Palm Springs, not the east side.

    This weekend I had to drive out to Gilbert, AZ for a wedding - its a burb of Phoenix. I knew I was going to get tipsy at the wedding so opted for a ride to and from the hotel. I used Lyft, not Uber. Not sure why. It was my first time ever as a rider! :) There were TONS of drivers around - for both apps. The Lyft drivers both said there has been a HUGE recruitment in the area with a $500 referral bonus. Yeah...500!!!!

    The wait varied from 3mins to 10 for a driver to get to me. Crazy!
  14. Fuba Duba

    Fuba Duba

    Hemet Ca
    Okay to dispel some misunderstandings about Lyft:
    Lyft is definitely a niche market outside of LA or San Diego, but you can most assuredly make good money.
    Right now Lyft has a higher minimum fare than uber in all markets (not counting XL/Plus), and their fare is competitive. Issue is volume, and with the rate increase a lot of drivers are back on the platform. Before the rate increase I was making 120-160 a night in Palm Springs/Desert due to being about the only person in the area. Tips also supplement your income, but you definitely have to give your pax a reason to tip, they don't just go "eh, this chap needs money!"
    It is not a conflict of interest to work for both. You are not an employee, you did not sign a non-compete, you are your own boss. Now I will say if you don't have a fairly new smart phone (value phones beware) then I would stick to a single platform of your choice. If you have a fairly new phone then get signed up for both and que em both up. Whichever pings first take the ride, rinse and repeat. Always turn off the competitions app while you have a pax, you don't need to miss a bunch of requests and get deactivated over that crap.
    Hardest thing to deal with, honestly, is when both apps ping. Dealers choice there, I typically pick Lyft as I find (where I work, this depends on market) they have longer rides where I drive consistently.
  15. Fuba Duba

    Fuba Duba

    Hemet Ca
    If you want to drive for Lyft ask one of us privately for a signup code, might as well make $200. Cannot publicly post the code but if you want one, PM one of us talking about it and go from there
  16. Talking to a friend, I found out he drives for Lyft & Uber. He gave me his code....which is $750 for "X" amount of rides in 30-days. Looks like my part part part time is gonna turn into full time until I get that bonus. Lol
  17. Fuba Duba

    Fuba Duba

    Hemet Ca
    The amount is based on where you accept the code in, some big cities is $750, older markets like ours is $200
  18. He signed up in Orange and said I would be able to sign up in Orange as well. I'm hoping this is the case because my home address is Moreno Valley. I'm not cool with a $500 loss (that's IF they're still offering $200). He already sent me his referral link.
  19. Fuba Duba

    Fuba Duba

    Hemet Ca
    You will get whatever you are based out of, I.E. is $200 presently, if you are based in OC you will get $700. It's all based on wherever you are based out of not who sends you the link
  20. They sent me a trade dress.

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