Tonight I picked up 3 winos!!

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I got to play Pizza delivery guy today. Something about the bus wouldn't start, well I did see the back hood open and upon return from CVS across the street, a second one showed up. And the Marriot bus only had a five mile radius. Um, k, so I was told. An 8 mile one way trip to Costco and back. The order was called in and in five minutes these two ladies / teachers ? had 9 ya count'em 9 pizza's to go back and feed 31 students. One tipped 10 on the app and another 25 cash. Nice.


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2 of them promptly fell asleep in the back seat.

Then the guy in front asks me to play country music!!

Dropped them off and got the dreaded handshake. “Thanks for driving us”.

I figured that was that but NO!!!!

2 minutes later a $10 tip shows up. :smiles:

You never know about tips.

Cool story dude :smiles: