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This may have been covered before, here is a reminder.
Be sure to check your Sun Pass for charges and compare them against what Uber gave you credit for.
I have found where they have given me to much credit and mostly where a toll is missing or under paid.
The biggest problem is with not the correct amount. Here are some of the toll locations not processed by Uber correctly.
Waters Ave West lane 60S Agency Turnpike District
SR589 Anderson Main NB MP6 lane 50S Agency Turnpike District
Willow Avenue OFF - Eastbound lane 15S Agency Tampa/Hillsborough County
I4Connector_I4EB_to_SelmonEB lane 62S Agency Turnpike District


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Two trips that I had this weekend on the Selmon and the I-4 Connector were FINALLY processed automatically!! $2.14 with no need to email support!

Willow St. Exit still required an email though. Smh


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I did this and they are not even close. I had about half of them re-imbursed after mailing a long email to support with screen caps of all the receipts along with the trip ids.
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