Tolls with Ubereats

Trek Shuffler

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While delivering to the customer the quickest way to go was the toll road.

Uber didn't auto reimburse and I had to send screenshots and about 10 messages to finally get paid. Is this what I am going to have to go through every time?

Launchpad McQuack

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Every time I have paid a toll while on a delivery, I have been auto reimbursed. I have to wander pretty far from my home base to need to use toll roads, though, so it doesn't happen very often.


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Not true
They will only autopay for tolls that their NAV tells you to take from the outset.
not true in my case. They told me to take the 520 to Seattle toll and wouldn’t pay up. Then they told me to use the toll lanes that were up to 10 bucks and it took about 5 calls to get my money. Uber seems to think “if they don’t notice, their loss”. Very frustrating


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II got paid once. Other times they did not. I avoid the toll roads when I can. Here most are automated" no one to take your money". You have to have a pre paid sticker. Otherwise the toll road will send you a bill with fee attached months after. If you don't pay soon a big fine.