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Toll reimbursement was too much


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Uber is going to short you, before long, so I wouldn't worry about it.

For some reason, they have stopped paying my tolls 100% for the last few months (except DFW entry toll), and I have to request a reimbursement. Every frigging time. I am convinced that their omission is an intentional ploy, since their system for tracking tolls used to be quite reliable, and reasonably accurate.


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Maybe so...fortunately (or not) most passengers and Uber support are just not paying that much attention.

Funny thing is...in Dallas a year or so ago, Uber's system was actually paying some tolls simply because I was driving NEAR Dallas North Tollway.

It was always small amounts, but since Dallas Parkway runs parallel to DNT through most parts north of 635, the system was registering as if I was on the tollway when I was only on the Parkway.

Even more amusing, I occasionally got a few cents when my route crossed over DNT on Belt Line Road or another of the nearby cross streets.

Now, I can't even get a toll to register after I travel on a tollway for 5-10 miles or more.


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I use tollways when they make sense. Some routes, like say, DFW airport to McKinney...there's no other reasonable way during rush hour than to take 121/SRT. Same goes for downtown Dallas to Frisco, just about anytime.

Avoid tollways like the plague when you're going to pick up a passenger. You are not reimbursed for those...and if they're "necessary," well...that request is probably too far away. I also avoid them when the benefit is not significant, like if Google Maps wants you to hop on a tollway for a mile or two when there is a good surface street option. You'll also find that some passengers (mostly "low rent" ones) will ask you to avoid tollways. Sometimes they save a buck on the toll, but the route costs them $2 more, but I go with it and keep them happy.

I've only been on Uber for 2 months so I don't know about the past. However, it's odd how sometimes CS adds "toll" and other times "promotional" for the toll reimbursements. I'm thinking that pax doesn't see and isn't charged for the "promotional" amount. Will have to get a ride sometime to test this. Lower fares for the customer! However, if they agree to a toll route, then they really shouldn't be upset to see toll charges added within 24 hrs.


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Since tolls come directly out of the driver's toll account, Uber isn't collecting any revenue, so there's no reason for them not to automatically add to the trip, unless they messed up their system, or want lower total fares (by drivers failing to ask for reimbursement).
Speaking specifically to this, I can only speculate. First of all, Uber does not seem to enjoy handling any monies which it does not get a cut of (e.g tips).

Second, intentionally ignoring tolls gives the passenger the illusion that the fares are even more ridiculously low than they already are, at the driver's expense. Uber gladly reimburses you if you're vigilant enough to audit your trips and tolls, but how many drivers simply don't notice and end up losing money?

Lastly, the most insidious theory is that Uber is charging the passengers on every ride, but "forgetting" to reimburse the drivers, thus skimming away countless thousands of dollars, potentially, into their own pockets. I'm not sure I believe that even Uber would be up to this, given constant scrutiny from media, class action attorneys, etc, but you never know. It's easy to say "oh sorry, we missed that."


A while back i got $32 in tolls for what should have been like $2... not my problem, payment for my time for always having to check i see it so when it happens.. KYMS and enjoy the windfall... too many times you get a shitfall instead


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This type of post should be edited to removed so prying eyes do not see it and rush to fix it. This is the time to take tolls freely especially if it increasing your bottom line. Tolls are being doubled based on my last trip.


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delete your post before uber see it and fixes the problem.
Thanks to all the drivers who read this thread and maybe learned the new way for an Uber tip! My posts are deleted and an admin can delete the thread now :smiles: