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Toll payment


Uber almost never pays tolls correctly...I always review the rides and ask for the money....they have been pretty good about giving the money...after I ask.

I reviewed the amount paid by uber for tolls after a ride. They didn't pay up on a toll in tysons. Keep an eye on em!


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Also, I never say a peep when I get $2.50 toll payment when I get a long trip to Dulles even though I use the airport access road. I have never had a passenger dispute it either. I consider it as a tip...
when the $40 ride only costs $22.50 no one even bothers to look at the breakdown.


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They are good about making corrections. I think the gps isn't quite accurate enough to distinguish traveling on toll road or free road when they are adjacent.


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I didnt get paid $1.50 the other day for a toll but then I got paid $2.50 today for a toll to Dulles I didnt pay. Dont think thats ever happened to me before.

Maybe the secret is staying in the right lane of the access road when u pass the toll booths? Might have to try that.


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That is not the main problem
what this band of m...f... do is, put the toll amount "within" the fare, and they take their cut. Most of the times I have to send at least 3 ot 4 emails to get the correction.
I am running out of words to insult Rohit and his gang, everytime this happens.
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